Dunga Field CGF De-Bottlenecking Main Works Project

Project Description:

Maersk Kazakhstan wanted to increase the production from its Dunga field development up to 4,675 m3/day - (30 000 bpd). CGF De-Bottlenecking Main Works project was carried out to increase the processing and oil storage capacity, including installation of new facilities.

Encotec’s scope within this project was design, shop fabrication, installation and commissioning for de-bottlenecking of the Dunga field Central Gathering Facility and Hook-up of wells.

Engineering design incorporated FEED, detailed, tie-in design and as-built and included all major disciplines. Procurement was carried out in all markets: local market (steel and civil), CIS market (HVAC, electrical and firefighting) and international market (instrumentation and piping).

The site was Brownfield construction which brought its own complication to planning and site activities.

Construction activities included installation of 300 tonnes of structural steel and pipes, 12 mechanical pieces totaling more than 60 tons in weight, 6 km of pipelines, 100 pieces of E&I equipment (panels, JB’s) and 10km cable pulling.

Peak manpower during the project was 150 staff.

Project Project