Fiber Cement Plant

Project Description:

Fiber Cement Plant project involves the design and construction of a large modern plant. Annual production capacity is 6 million square meters of roofing and facade materials different kinds and colors.

ENCOTEC scope:

  • FEED Design;
  • Detail design;
  • Preparation of BOQ;
  • Preparation of specifications;
  • Author supervisory role during construction (statutory requirement);
  • Obtaining State Approvals;

Civil works:

  • Foundation design;
  • Steel structural design;
  • Architectural design;
  • Electrical works;
  • Power supply system design;
  • Earthing Protection System design;
  • Lightning Protection System design;
  • Electrical Lighting System design;
  • Instrumentation System;
  • Fire Alarm System design;
  • CCTV System design;
  • HVAC Control and automations systems design;

Mechanical works:

  • Mechanical trenches and pipe racks routing design;
  • Heating and ventilation systems design;
  • Fire Fighting system design;
  • Rain water drainage system design;
  • Pump station design

Piping works:

  • Fire water system design;
  • Compressed air system design;
  • Natural gas system design;
  • Fresh water system design;
  • Domestic sewage system design;
  • Industrial sewage system design;
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