Gas Condensate Transportation and Offloading Facilities

Project Description:

Encotec developed FEED and detailed design for the Sangachal Garadagh gas condensate offloading facilities project. The gas condensate transported from BP Sangachal Terminal (ST) shall be received and stored at Sangachal Garadagh Terminal (SGT) for further offloading and transportation through the Rail-Road loading Gantry. This facility will be connected with BP ST via an 8” pipeline.

Encotec design included the condensate transporting system; comprising an interconnecting pipeline between the two terminals (BP ST and SGT) and intraterminal facilities at SGT, which must include capability to accept condensate from the off-take at BP ST, providing further storing, pumping and loading into railroad cars.

The main elements of transporting and process systems related to SGT part of facilities and covered by Encotec design are:

  • A buried, welded steel pipeline from “golden weld” to Pig Receiver;
  • A Pig Receiving Station;
  • Leakage Detection facilities for condensate transportation pipeline;
  • Condensate Storage facilities;
  • Pumping facilities;
  • Loading facilities;

Utility facilities:

  • Closed Drain System;
  • Open Drain System;
  • Flare System;
  • Compressed Air and Nitrogen System;
  • Oily Water Treatment System;
  • Steam System.

One of the elements of the projects was development of documents including a control philosophy and operation and maintenance manuals for the operation of the Condensate Receiving, Storing and Offloading facilities at SGT. These documents incorporate descriptions of intraterminal systems including the CDT system, ODT system, Flare system, Nitrogen system and Instrument Air Supply system.

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